Jennifer Jolly shows us the best Mother's Day Tech picks 2023
This post contains affiliate links, and purchases may generate a small commission to help support our work at no additional cost to you. These are the gifts we’ve scoured the tech-ish planet to find, test, and pass along to you.  

As a mom myself, I know firsthand that the very best gift you can give your mother is you.  Just putting your screens down and paying attention to her for a few hours is pretty HUGE these days. But we also covet the latest, greatest gadget gifts too, and boy are there some wonderful finds this year.

Whether it’s a unique experience, a tech service that lightens her load, or a special way to preserve all those magical moments for her to cherish for a lifetime, there’s something for every kind of Mom in every price range here.

Remember, we never include anything that we haven’t actually gone hands-on with ourselves, so this is what’s on our list, and what we feel great about recommending to you. Let us know what you love and if we missed anything. Most of all: THANK YOU MOMS! Today and always.


A fairly new website and app called SHEF delivers homemade, “heat and eat” healthy meals right to your doorstep, often for quite a bit less than it costs to go out to a restaurant. 

I just ordered from it last weekend, and seriously, it was among the top-three best Indian food I’ve ever had in my whole entire life. The meals are made by a local, food safety-certified cook who lives in your own city. There’s a ton of flavor and variation — Indian, African, Mexican, Creole, Asian-fusion, Southern — and it’s all incredibly authentic, fresh, and healthy. 

Shef also gives home cooks an incredible new side hustle. The woman who made our food clears 6-figures a year doing what she loves — making amazing homemade food for families just like hers. Find it online at or download the app (iOS, Android). 


Mother's Day gifts


The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is filled with all kinds of superpowers for all of us multi-tasking mobile moms. (That’s pretty much ALL of us these days…) She can make, or take calls, respond to texts, and even snap photos and videos right from this sleek and stylish smartwatch on her wrist. It also sports the most advanced health-tracking features yet, including body composition, sleep patterns, stress, and even skin-temperature-based cycle tracking (!). You can find the Galaxy Watch5 on Samsung’s website for around $280, where it pairs perfectly with the latest, greatest, and coolest Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone.



Storii’s Record Your Memoir Gift Box is my new favorite thing: This lets your Mom record responses to prompts over the course of a year and turns it into an incredible audiobook and even printable memoir. It’s all super easy — you buy the box on Amazon and when she gets it, she just follows a few simple, low-tech instructions. Then, the service calls her up to three times a week on her cell or landline and asks automated questions designed to get her talking and opening up in ways she maybe never has before. She can also call Storii whenever it’s convenient for her, too,  and it records, transcribes, and stores it all on a keepsake profile that she — or you — can log in and add photos or videos. After the project is done, usually in about a year, you can download it all for a treasured keepsake for many generations to come. This is around $90 on Amazon: BUY HERE


Mother's Day giftsLeapFrog’s LF930HD Smart Baby Monitor lets her watch over kids anywhere safely and securely, either from an app, a mobile device, or on the seven-inch high-definition monitor. Next-generation features here include clear color night vision, motion, sound, temperature sensors, and even humidity readings. The app comes with free sleep consultation from the experts at WeeSleep too. Normally nearly $200, it’s around $ 30 off on Amazon until May 14th — which just happens to be Mother’s Day. BUY HERE


Mother's Day gifts


Experience gifts are among the top five most-requested presents this year. From once-in-a-lifetime vacations in a foreign country to staycations close by, spa days, a trip to a special restaurant — whatever it might be, Slickdeals — one of my other all-time favorite sites — could very well be the exact right place to find it. It has it all; the best products at the best prices,  including travel and vacation packages now, and there’s even a specially curated Mother’s Day Deal page for 2023 up now. All of this is where some 12 million shoppers vet and vote on the very best deals every single day so that you always know you’re getting the very best prices. 

For the Bird Nerd Moms

Your mom doesn’t have to be a self-proclaimed birder to enjoy the Bird Buddy, though knowing the difference between a chickadee and a sparrow wouldn’t hurt. Once set up, the charming camera-equipped feeder identifies and snaps shots of each bird that stops by, supplementing the 5MP stills with insightful facts via an app. Current Sale Price: $199

I love the Aura Frame — it automatically creates photo collections of the people you take pictures of most often, edits out blurry or bad photos, and has unlimited storage. You can even let your closest friends and family contribute their own photos to your frame, and vice-versa – and it’s all private. Anyone you allow in can share it via an app — so if you’re a family who lives all over the country — all the kids can upload to Moms frame from afar. This is my go-to gift for weddings, baby showers, and hostess gifts: They’re on sale for Mother’s Day and start around $150 right now. BUY IT HERE $150

Flower Bouquet That Lasts Forever

Not every mom has a green thumb, no matter how many hours of HGTV they sift through on a Sunday. Luckily, the only thing “green” about Lego’s bouquet is how sustainable it is. The 756-piece kit comes with enough bricks to assemble an array of flowers, from daisies to snapdragons, all without the maintenance. Buy It Here: $48+

Bond Touch Heart “smart” necklace








Take a look at this smart necklace — the Bond Heart is a pendant that plays your loved ones heartbeat — and lets you feel it anytime, anywhere. You can record a heartbeat in the companion app on your iOS or Android smartphone by putting your finger over the smartphone’s camera and flashlight — and letting the app identify and store the particular rhythm. You can store several different people’s heartbeats in the app, then upload and play one at a time on your necklace — just double-tap it and hold it to feel that.  You know when you hug your mom really tight and feel their heartbeat? The creator of this necklace said that’s what she was trying to emulate when she created this. BUY IT HERE: $99