Jennifer Jolly is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who has spent the better part of two decades covering gadgets and apps and helping people make smarter tech decisions. She, along with a team of fellow journalists and gadget testers of all ages, goes hands-on with every single tech tool you read about on this site.

We never talk about anything that we haven’t tried for ourselves. 


Our expertise is founded in ethical journalism, decades of experience, and above all else, trust.

No one pays us to recommend anything, and no one tells us what to say or how to write our reviews. We are not “selling” gadgets. We give you honest opionions based on the thousands of products we review each year.

These are the same things we choose for ourselves and recommend to our family and friends.

If we recommend that you spend your hard-earned money on something, we take it as seriously as if our own money were on the line.


We find out about most new gadgets and services because a company or public relations agency pitches them to us via email or through one of our social media sites. We also know about a lot of what’s going on, because we’ve been top consumer tech journalists for so long. We do this the same way most professionals in any line of work rise to the top of their fields — through a combination of education, experience, and expertise.


Most of the gadgets we review get loaned to us for 2-6 weeks by companies or public relations agencies. We are not allowed to keep the gadgets we test. Most of the time, companies send us pre-paid return mailing labels and we send the products back to the company they came from. If a company does not want a product back, we donate it.

We also buy gadgets to test or to use on for various TV segments. We do not get reimbursed or paid any sort of stipend to purchase these gadgets on our own.


We do! This website exists thanks to dedicated tech-lovers who want to help others get more out of the gadgets they use everyday. Many people donate their time and expertise to make this possible. We also work with freelance writers, cameramen (and women!), producers, editors, and assistants to create high value video content as well.


We make a small amount of revenue to keep this website going through on-site advertising. You’ll see these transparent ads as you peruse our pages.

If  you buy a gadget through a direct link in one of our stories, we might earn a very small commission. This in no way, shape, or form has anything to do with what we talk about.

Our parent company also makes ad revenue based on the standards, practices, and guidelines of the online magazine and newspaper industry. This also helps us keep our lights on.

Our ad department functions seperately from our editorial operations. We maintain a barrier between advertising, marketing, and our editorial staff, from the top down. It’s an important seperation of “church and state” so to speak, that allows us to pay production crews, on-air talent, or create social media content.

These funds are pooled together into a larger operations budget and do not correlate with any specific segment or column, unless specifically disclosed with “paid promotion,” “sponsorship,” “advertorial,” “partnership,” or other similar notices up front.

Our on-air personalities and “influencers” are not paid by any consumer goods companies directly — and never take anything of value — real or perceived — in exchange to talk about something on the air or in an article.

We are careful to follow all rules, regulations and laws as it pertains to transparency in everything we do.

Please reach out to us at info@techish.com if you have any questions or concerns.


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