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CES2023: Is This the Key to Smarter Home Tech That We Can Actually Live With?

Several of this year’s top smart home contenders are already household names in other countries. For instance, Beko, a company about to launch a line of new refrigerators promising to keep your produce fresh for a month, has been around for 60 years in Europe. So has Shelly, a company promising to take any electrical circuit and make it smart, among other things. 

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Meet My Avastars, the first new doll born in the metaverse for play IRL and online

Meet “My Avastars” — a just-launched doll that is the first-ever “born in the metaverse.” Why is this important? Because your 7-12-year-old’s about to know a whole lot more about the metaverse than you do. 

Given that this still-fuzzy concept of a future that merges physical reality with the digital world is predicted to become an $800 billion market by 2024, the fact a new $25 kids toy might explain it better than anything we’ve seen so far is pretty darn interesting too. 

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