Most Moms I know deserve a medal. But this Mother’s Day, anything totally awesome will do just fine, like a homemade card, helping around the house, or a gorgeous gadget that will keep her connected to everything — and everyone — she loves.

Here are some of the top tech gifts Moms like me will adore. 

But first…

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Samsung Galaxy S22+

Let’s start with arguably the most coveted of all mom-tech — the smartphone. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S22+ — the latest handset (I love the pink color!) that comes with a top notch camera system that lets in more light, draws out more details, and captures colors that make your content pop, even in the dark. With fast charging and longer than all-day battery life — it can finally keep up with her busy life too. And — if you have any phone to trade-in, you can go to and get the Galaxy S22+ for $300 (normally around $1,000) — which is kind of amazing.

iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO

For the Mom who loves a clean house, this iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO self-emptying robot vacuum does all the dirty work for her. When it’s done cleaning — it drives back to its base to dump the dirt and recharge. The onboard Imprint Smart Mapping feature learns your home and gets smarter over time. It can even make personalized suggestions — like taking more spins through your house during pet-shedding and allergy seasons. It also now pairs with your favorite voice assistant device — so you can just tell it to clean and it does. (Unlike most kids these days!) It’s $150 off between now and Mother’s Day too!  ($399) at

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Another amazing deal for Mother’s Day: The hottest tech for the senior set: The GrandPad is a high-tech tablet built specifically for people who might otherwise get turned off by tech — seniors  — ages 75+. It comes with built-in 4GLTE, so they connect anytime, anywhere, no need for WiFi worries. It also comes preprogrammed, so they can basically just turn it on and really easily video chat with family; keep up on the kids and grandkids’ lives through a private family photo and video streams; safely browse the internet; dance or relax to their favorite music; play brain games, and get 24/7 tech help with it all too. Check their website GrandPad.Net for the special Mother’s Day price of $57/month for an annual plan. That’s $100 off! 


One of our all-time fave’s here at, this Bartesian cocktail machine makes 40+ HIGH QUALITY premium cocktails at the touch of a button — right at home. You supply the alcohol, they supply all of the real ingredients, bitters, and juices you need in recyclable cocktail capsules. It’s kind of like the Keurig for cocktails. And they so rarely do this — they have a Special Mother’s Day offer: you get these stemless margarita glasses & an 8-count of margarita capsules for free when you buy the cocktail maker. Price: $370 …”only available” on their own website: