Gift giving? In this economy? Rising prices are this year’s big-time “Bah Humbug.” So I went back through our many reviews and top picks of the year with an eye specifically on value. Which gadgets and tech tools pack more bang for your buck? The results surprised me. I found TVs, tablets, nostalgic Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and so much more. Here are the top ten value-minded picks thtat over-delivers on features without breaking the bank.

AND GUESS WHAT?! We’re even giving away TWO of the 55-inch new smart TVs on this list!!! Just in time to make this holiday even more jolly than ever. (Sorry, I can’t help myself…) Read on for more details!

TCL Series 6 Smart TV


Let’s talk tvs! We usually tell people to wait until the New Year to buy a new television, but that’s NOT the case here! TCL’s known for bringing a lot of performance to TVs, but not charging an arm and a leg for them. That’s what makes this feature-packed set worth every penny. This series, which goes up to an 85″ inch big screen amps up key aspects of awesome — namely brightness, crisp contrast, and speedy refresh rate for gaming goodness—while keeping the starting price lower than normal. Throw in the super-easy-to-use Roku TV platform, with a massive selection of great shows and easy voice control — and you have a set that more than delivers on its picture promise without busting your budget. 


***We’re giving away TWO of these TVs. Visit our Instagram @JENNJOLLY for details to come – very soon!***

TCL Tab 10 5G

3. TCL TAB 10 5

All those good things come in a smaller package too! The TCL TAB 10 5 tablet brings the experience of big screen TVs to this impressive Android tablet. Standout features include a brilliant NXTVISION display and immersive, built-in dual stereo speakers. It’s a powerhouse for work, play, shopping, and streaming — multi-tasking magic! — online and off. This tablet is on sale right now for $49!!! That’s $200 off its normal price and the epitome of getting a whole lot of value for less!

BUY IT HERE: $49 ($200 off!)

New sleep tracker uses radar technology to find out what’s keeping you up at night

4. Halo Rise

Amazon’s new bedside sleep tracker and smart alarm work quietly from your nightstand, using radar technology to study your movement and breathing patterns in order to assess your sleep. A wake-up light simulates sunrise, and a smart alarm senses the ideal sleep stage to make sure you wake up feeling refreshed. It’s designed with privacy in mind, so there’s no microphone or camera, and it comes with six months of Halo app membership that gives you valuable insights into the metrics it tracks, recipes, exercises, and personalized suggestions to help you live a healthier life overall. 


Kid friendly speaker with built-in parental control in new cute styles

5. Echo Dot Kids 

The Echo Dot Kids is Amazon’s cutest and most popular smart speaker made just for children. They just released two new ones — an Owl and a Dragon. These are fifth-generation devices that work with Alexa to answer questions, tell jokes, read bedtime stories and play music with kids’ ears in mind. It also comes with easy-to-use parental controls and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ — that gives you access to thousands of ad-free games, Audible books, Alexa skills, and more. Again, this is a value-pick that’s sure to delight!

BUY OWL HERE: $30 (50% OFF!)


6. TiVo Stream 4K

Here’s one from an OG gadget-maker: the TiVo Stream 4K. It’s a next-gen stand-alone streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on the back of your TV — and lets you watch what you want, when you want, how you want. It also lets you browse all your subscriptions — Hulu, Disney, Netflix — on a single menu — and just fixes so much frustration in the world of streaming content. Of all the similar devices I’ve tested, this $30 dongle does the best job of sorting through it all. Plus it comes with 160 channels of free streaming TV. Sweet!

BUY IT HERE: $30 ($10 off!)

9. Automatic Pot-Stirrer

For the gadget fanatic who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, this automatic pan stirrer is a fun must-have. Simply place it in the pan of your choice, turn it on, and let it spin.

BUY IT HERE: $25-$34


10. PayPal & Venmo

Survey says: Cash is still the number one go-to gift — who doesn’t love to get it ?! — especially those looking for ultimate value! But it’s almost 2023 people, and super simple, safe, and digital with peer-to-peer tech tools like PayPal and Venmo get the job done right. Just a few taps on an app and you’re in the money — splitting party costs or the price of a taxi home — or chipping in on group gifts for teachers, kids, or a shared vacation with loved ones. This is a nice way to personalize it, too — you can send last-minute cash gifts to friends and family with a holiday-themed gift wrap and a payment note to share your holiday message.  This one’s sure to delight!




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