If you like her, get her this. There’s still time. Mostly. Well, okay, a photo with a nice card that it’s on it’s way at least. The app Giftagram can land an awesome present in her lap within a few quick minutes.

You’re welcome. Quick links to everything below!
1. Gorgeous Jewelry! (Starts at $78): Recycled Computer Parts! Dell and Nikki Reed created this beautiful new jewelry collection, dubbed “The Circular Collection” as part of their Legacy of Good Program. The artist used gold from recycled computer motherboards to create a beautiful jewelry collection that includes earrings, rings and cufflinks. The pricing for the jewelry line ranges from $78.00 to $348.00 and is available to order now!

2. Jordan Grace Owens Custom Face Magnets (Etsy) Starts at $35: These are insanely cute. Each magnet is hand-crafted from cut paper with details drawn in ink. The tiny — one-inch-ish — faces are mounted to a sturdy backing and sealed with a protective gloss coat. The above photos are just a few examples of custom face magnets.

3. Ban.do Spicy Smartphone Case ($20): she is  BOLD—with her life and her style. So this hot sauce iphone 7case? It’s sure to heat up the day (and maybe even the night…)

4. (Coming back to this one!)

5. Terez Leggings($78): I actually made mixed tapes for my crushes back in the day. Now, I would go ga-ga over these. I love them so much.

6. Star Wars Plush Bouquet 3.0 ($49.99): THE BEST WAY TO SAY BOTH “I LOVE YOU” AND “I KNOW” – great gift from ThinkGeek!

7. Maria Shireen hair tie bracelets (around $35): I found these awesome little hair-tie bracelets from Maria Shireen during the holidays and bought them for several gal pals.  These bracelets are a gorgeous, and look fantastic accessorized with a hair band. Genius.

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9. Facecase cosmetic phone case

10.  AirBnB Experiences (Price Varies): If you haven’t checked out this new service, now’s a great time to check it out. Grab your friend and take off for a cooking class, weekend of wine-tasting, amazing spa day, silent beach disco yoga, or running on new trails you never knew were right around the corner.  There’s something awesome for everyone.

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12. eCreamery Be Mine Valentine’s Day Gift – Ultimate 8 pack Ice Cream ($80): 

13. I hope your day is as nice as your butt (Around $15): Etsy

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15. Sarah Chloe Love Yourself Ring ($48)

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