Every year we see our fair share of fringe, futuristic, and just plain fantastical gadgets. We’ll post about the most amazing of the 2,000-some gadgets we’ve seen so far tomorrow. But first, here are a handful of the best gadgets we’ve actually gotten to go hands-on with ourselves during this big event.

One of the best new gadgets we’ll actually buy this year is a just-unveiled Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2.

The 2-in-1 device has the world’s first QLED display on a Chromebook. QLED is the same advanced tech Samsung uses in its best TVs. The sound is sweeter, the battery life is longer, and the price is lower. The Galaxy Chromebook 2 is expected out in the first quarter of this year for just under $550. 

Anti-germ gadgets in every shape and size are a huge deal this year — from giant robotic UV-C lights to sterilize entire rooms — to germ-crushing backpacks. The 2Office Antimicrobial Backpack from tech-accessory company Targus is made of a water-resistant silver-ion material — so there are germ-and bacteria-fighting features embedded into the really durable fiber. That creates a cleaner barrier between the outside world and your safe little bubble at home. This should be out by April for around $120. 

Kohler gave us a sneak peek of its 2021 lineup including this touchless toilet. No need to flush with your fingers — a wave of the hand does the trick.

Same thing for its new touchless faucets — with integrated sensors to keep you from touching any potentially germy surfaces. All types of smart home gadgets are big this year — including the Moxie Shower Head. The high-end bluetooth speaker magnetically attaches inside your shower head to pump out the tunes. And for the most luxurious life at home — check out the Stillness Bath — a Japanese Zen-like square tub with light, fog and aromatherapy to create a spa-like experience at home.

Another stand-out in home security is the Cync Indoor Smart Camera with night vision and two-way audio. You can check it from your mobile devices — but what’s really new and cool: You can save clips locally to an SD card — which is a nice touch for folks who don’t want to deal with a subscription or upload potentially sensitive video to the cloud. On top of that, you can slide the front face of the camera up, which cuts power to the microphone and covers the lens entirely — which is a great privacy-minded design. This is expected to hit store shelves in May for just under $70. 

AirPop’s new Active+ mask comes with a sensor that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and monitors everything from breaths per minute to outside air quality, and it even tells you when to replace the mask’s filter. The latest mask is mainly for exercising or staying active and is outfitted with an aerodrome shape, so it doesn’t cling to your face and provides enough airflow to breathe heavily. AirPop is not the only smart mask company to come to CES this year. $150 and expected to ship in mid-February.