Back here on day two, yes, I’ve seen 8K TV’s in every shape and size and yes, they are amazing. But unless you’re a bazillionaire, you won’t buy one this year.  Or next. Or maybe even the next year after that. They cost an insane amount of money and there’s no real content for them yet. Let’s talk about what you will buy. There are smarter home-everything’s, a huge run on new wellness gadgets, and new tech fixing old problems.

Jetson’s Level Laundry Day:

Let’s start with a good ole’ washer and dryer reimagined for a Jetson’s level laundry day: LG’s TurboWash 360ºFront-Load Washer/Dryer Pair with its ThinQ AI Platform — using artificial intelligence to detect fabric types in each laundry load for a super customized clean. The appliances actually tell the difference between a load of jeans and delicates, then use customized wash motions, temperatures and cycle times for the best results. All those smarts, help reduce wear and tear — good for your clothes, good for the planet, good for your sanity. It’s expected to hit the market this fall. 


It’s 2020 and finally, someone has reinvented the wheel:

Bridgestone created a puncture-proof concept tire made from recyclable resins and rubbers they’re calling the “Air Free” tire. The fact there’s no air in it means it can’t go flat. The idea is to use it on a variety of vehicles, including next-generation bikes. The company says it puts tire tread on a unique structure of super strong, durable spokes that offer extended/uninterrupted mobility. That means the tires can last longer, is better for the planet. No word yet on when it might come to market. 

In the world of wellness tech: 

— 65% of Americans now deal with digital eye strain from the blue light exposure from all of our gadgets — it can wreck our sleep, damage our eyes and prematurely — gasp — age our skin! A fix for that is these Eyejust screen protectors. They are engineered to block that blue light overexposure without changing the color of your screens. Eyejust is a great alternative to blue light blocking glasses — a simple solution to 24/7 blue light blocking protection. Think about the kids — and it’s available now with prices starting at $35.

Speaking of protection:

A tiny device called the YubiKey 5Ci can protects your digital life from hackers and identity thieves. 

It’s a physical key that adds an extra layer of security to your accounts by requiring physical access to the key to be able to log in. But it’s really easy, just one touch,  no more SMS codes or security questions. It works with most popular services like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and Twitter It’s also selling now, starting at $20, which is a small price to pay for peace of mind. 

Can your shower head do this? 

Kohler made a splash with the first connected bathroom and smart toilet, and they’re back with a whole new hit this year: The Moxie is a high-end Bluetooth speaker that magnetically attaches inside a showerhead to pump out the tunes, podcasts, or latest morning news. When you step out of the shower you can take it with you. The Harman Kardon speakers have the Amazon Alexa voice assistant built-in, to manage your calendar, order groceries, grab the latest sports scores, or even turn your connected coffee-pot on. It’s available in the summer of 2020 with the expected price of $229