Image via footmassagez/Flickr

Ever hop on Facebook to chat about a super-hot topic only to find that your social network buddies either don’t really care or just don’t feel like interacting? It’s Facebook’s job to make finding those discussions as easy as possible, and today they launched a brand new feature that does just that.

Facebook calls it simply “Latest Conversations,” and it’s something of a spin-off of the conversation search feature that has been a part of the Facebook mobile app for some time. To use it, just type any topic you want in the top search bar of the Facebook app or desktop webpage and press enter.

When the search results pop up you’ll see all the familiar options, like Photos, Video, and Groups, but among them will be a new section called Latest Conversations. This is your new see-it-all hub for what everyone is saying about news, and it has a live updating feed and tracker that counts how many people are talking about the topic. The number of chatters will constantly update, so you can easily see if the topic is getting more and more interest or if it’s kinda poopin’ out.

From this new section you can hop into a chat with anyone who is already publicly talking about the news. Just tap on any of the fresh posts, offer a comment, drop a thumbs up or smiley face, or say whatever you want! It’s a really slick new way to get the news, meet likeminded people — or have a spirited debate! — and get a bit more out of the social network than you already do.

Remember, though, the new feature is only active on topics that are really, really hot in the news or breaking with new information. If you type in a topic and don’t find a Latest Conversations list in the results, it just means that not enough people are talking about it. But hey, you can still post about it on your own News Feed and maybe you’ll spark enough interest that it becomes a trending topic!