Granfluencers are taking over social media

The Granfluencers are here and loving life online

I don’t talk to my great-aunt enough. I think this is true, and she definitely thinks this is true. But she lives across the country, and the time difference is rough! By the time I get home from work (6 pm PST), she is already in bed. I often think things would be a lot easier if she were on social media. But are seniors on social media? It turns out, yes,  a lot of them!

Suddenly, they’re dancing all over TikTok and spreading their wisdom across Instagram: The Granfluencers, AKA social media personalities over the age of sixty, have landed. And honestly, they appear to be having a truly fabulous time.

According to a new study by OnePoll for Comfort Keepers —an organization that provides in-home care to seniors2/3 of them use social media platforms every day and 1-in-every-4 people your grandparents’ age think their advice could go viral. 

Some of their sage wisdom? “Be a good person even when it’s difficult,” “Don’t spend money beyond your means,” “Learn from the mistakes of others,” and “Stay true to yourself.”

There are PLENTY of downsides to social media. Even Jenn’s parents fell prey to scammers (leading us to write extensively on how to spot scammers). But social media can be incredibly useful and does help us stay connected to the people we love who are far away.

Loneliness and isolation are associated with tons of health problems, including dementia and high blood pressure, and according to a recent University of Michigan poll, those feelings negatively impact 1 in every 3 seniors.

Social media is a lifeline for them—not just because friends and family are a click away—but because it provides a stimulating outlet.

We love that social media helps our seniors feel a sense of belonging. And we totally agree a whole lot of their advice could and should go viral too!

And we should talk more about ways new tech can help Boomers and Gen X’ers even more.

We love tech tools like Storii that lets your loved one record responses to prompts OVER THE PHONE — either their landline or their cell — and turns it into an incredible audiobook and even printable memoir

We’re also big advocates of the Joy for all pets robotic cats and dogs (think cuddly and furry, not those weird looking AI ones) that can interact with and comfort people. When it comes to empowering our elderly community, tech is an absolute game-changer. 

Some other interesting gems from the OnePoll:

The poll found that 1-in-4 seniors have ventured into the world of online dating and 3/4 of them believe it’s never too late in life to find your true love. (Great news for me!) 

Another delightful discovery? The average age that brought the senior respondents the most joy was fifty-seven. Why? It doesn’t go into specifics, but we’d LOVE to know more. 

The food of their youth that most seniors want to see go viral? Carrot cake. 

Unsurprisingly, the study also revealed that the primary drivers of joy for seniors are the presence of family (clocking in at a resounding 71%), the companionship of friends (making a notable appearance at 49%), and good weather (appreciated by a solid 26% of respondents). 

While I can’t imagine my great-aunt ever posting reels to Instagram or joining Twitter to argue over politics, I think it’s likely she might enjoy fine arts accounts on Instagram or delight in watching the culinary escapades of the carrot cake-making TikTok Granny. (Obviously she would love to keep an eye on whatever I’m doing, as well.)

That’s whats so magical about social media, you find the accounts that resonate with you and suddenly, there are whole new worlds at your fingertips. When you pause to think about it, it’s a perfect fit for seniors who may have, say, less mobility than they once did. The real question is, now that Granfluencers are taking over established social media platforms, what new platforms will the, uh, youngfluencers go to next?

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