If you’re one of the millions and millions of daily Twitter addicts who pop in to check their timeline and catch up on all the latest chatter, you probably noticed something very odd around the 15th of June. The social network got a makeover, and completely changed basically everything — from the shape of the photos to the icons and buttons you click to reply and interact with other people’s tweets.

It’s a huge overhaul, and not everyone on Twitter is happy about it. In fact, the majority of reactions range from confusion to pure hatred of the new design. But fear not, you can still rescue your desktop Twitter feed from its ugly facelift with a handy browser extension.

Twitter Debubbler

Twitter Debubbler is a slick little plugin for Google’s Chrome browser (which happens to be the most popular web browser on the planet), and it completely rolls back all the goofy, “bubbly” changes to the design that Twitter just rolled out.

Just head over to the Google Chrome web store and install Twitter Debubler on your browser. It doesn’t access your account or force you to log in using your Twitter info — it simply restructures the Twitter webpage with the old icons and layout that you’ve been using for months and months.

The plugin changes the circular avatar photos back to rounded squares, tweaks the column layout so that it looks like it always has, and swaps out the somewhat confusing new “Reply” button for the old one, and squares off the buttons on your main profile page, search bar, and timeline so that they’re no longer spherical.

It takes just a second or two to install, and works automatically with no manual settings or anything to worry about. You’ll never even know it’s there, but your lovely little Twitter feed will look just like it always has.