No more sitting in traffic for hours or waiting in a mile-long airport security line. The Thanksgiving travel rush will likely be more of a bust this year.

AAA is forecasting a steep drop-off in travel for the upcoming holiday season. No surprise here: COVID is to blame. AAA Travel says the combination of health concerns and high unemployment means fewer Americans traveling to have turkey with family and friends. Not to mention, many states, cities, and counties are increasing their restrictions amid a rise in cases.

Just how big of a drop will we see? AAA says there will likely be at least a 10% drop in travel — that would be the biggest one-year decrease since 2008. That 10% includes all kinds of travel, too — by car, plane, train, bus, and cruise. With many still wary to fly, AAA says air travel could be down as much as 47.5%. That would be the biggest drop in one year on record. People hitting the roads will see slightly less traffic, with AAA projecting 4.3% fewer drivers. (There will still be traffic, though — so don’t be late with the stuffing!)

One bonus for those driving a good distance this Thanksgiving: Lower gas prices! Average gas prices across the country are almost 50 cents cheaper than last year at this time.