Ugly Phone case tiktok challenge cases

TikTok is a magical place full of entertaining shenanigans and strange hilarity. The current hijinks: The totally viral ugly phone case challenge. So…what exactly is that?  Basically, teens and adults alike are scouring the internet and holding phone case-decorating craft nights to gift their friends the ugliest phone cases imaginable. Then, of course, they have to carry these phone cases around while they are out and about on vacation or at school causing them mild embarrassment.


our take on the ugly phone case challenge 🤡

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Scene: You are a teenager talking to someone you have a massive crush on, your phone rings, you can tell it’s your mother because it’s her special ring. You pull your phone out of your backpack in front of your crush and your phone case is a giant multicolored yarn doll or a life-size foot.

That would have killed me in high school, but then again, you can always tell your crush you are participating in the ugly phone case challenge. Odds are they’ll know about it…and if they don’t, it’s a great conversation starter.


With over 270 million TikTok views and widespread Instagram shares, the “Ugly Phone Case Challenge” is definitely taking the internet by storm and Verizon has noticed and wants in on the fun. They are upping the ugly-ante with the #TotalUpgradeSweepstakes, offering a chance to win an ugly phone case and six months of Unlimited+ service worth $350…which is a pretty sweet prize.

To enter, follow @TotalbyVerizon on Instagram, tag the friend you want to gift a case to and use #TotalUpgradeSweepstakes. Ten winners will enjoy Unlimited+ benefits like unlimited talk and text.

The sweepstakes runs from today until Monday, September 19, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winners will be announced around Tuesday, September 20, 2023. You can find the complete terms and conditions at


Ugly challenges aren’t exactly a new thing. Earlier this year the Ugly T-shirt challenge also went viral, Ugly sweaters are basically Christmas tradition now and the World’s Ugliest Dog contest has been running in Northern California for close to 50 years. Scooter is the current reigning champion. He’s so ugly he’s cute…and maybe that is the magic of all this. When something is soooooo ugly it becomes endearing.

Scooter ugly contest winner

Look at Scooter. Can you think of anything more charming than his silly tongue and asymmetrical face?