Did you hear? We have a new weekly feature on “The Ronn Owens Show.”

Every Tuesday at 11:45 am, Ronn will chat with Jennifer Jolly about different Apps that may be helpful, useful, or just plain fun!

On Tuesday, September 5th,  Jennifer concentrated on apps with a “back-to-school” theme:

> unGlue – how to get a handle on your kids online time (and yours)

> Life 360 – keep track of your teens – and driving

> AT&T DriveMode – turns phone off anytime your car goes more than a few miles an hour

> Photo Math (starting at $0.99 per month) has made conquering calculus as simple as aiming your phone camera at the page. It works like magic: Download the Photo Math app, point your phone’s camera at the math problem you’re working on, and the app automatically identifies the numbers and solves the problem. It might seem like cheating, but the app also walks you through the steps to solve the problem, teaching as it goes. It’s a real godsend for students of all ages (and us parents) who sometimes struggle to remember exactly how the teacher went through the operations.

> Raise.me. – Rather than a traditional scholarship application process, Raise.me tracks micro-scholarship opportunities based on individual accomplishments throughout your child’s high school career. Get an “A” for the year on a tough class? That might be worth $1,000 or more to a variety of different colleges. The tiny scholarships add up quickly, and if your teen’s list of high school achievements is long, their bill for college could be small or even non-existent

> Sarahah – #1 on iTunes but – WARNING to Parents – has become huge app for bullying other kids.

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