Your phone’s tendency to issue a “Battery low” message at the most crucial moments can be a serious hit to your astonishing productivity – or procrastination. Someday someone will fix this. And, when that happens, your late-in-the-day YouTube videos will no longer be interrupted, you won’t fear getting lost on the road, and you will no longer be able to use the, “My battery is dying!” excuse to get off the phone.

For now, you need backup chargers. And you need them at hand so you don’t have to chase one down to get a charge. The WonderCube is a super small one that fits on your key chain so you’ll have it with you . It also syncs your phone and doubles as a phone stand for more comfortable video viewing. It has flash memory built in in case you need to back up some photos. And, if both the WonderCube and your phone are out of juice, you can plug a 9 volt battery into it and get everything up and running ASAP.

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