The final sprint is here to get your hands on the perfect present for friends and family. Here are a handful of ideas for great gifts and savings tools — to wrap up this year on a good note.


Here’s a great digital gift for kids (and their parents) that’s NOT impacted by shipping delays: ABCmouse —  a comprehensive digital learning program disguised as a bunch of super-awesome games.  It’s really an ultimate guilt-free screen time. There are more than 10-thousand activities, so kids won’t get bored with it, and it really helps build confidence and a strong foundation in reading, math, English, and more for kids ages 2–8.  Kids are always learning, even when they don’t think they are. Parents can go into the app and adjust it — very adaptable.  (Free 30-day trial, then $13/per month or $60-annually) 

Best Buy

Best Buy is a no-brainer to find something awesome for everyone on your list. One good example is the Beats Fit Pro earbuds ($199), which can be a perfect last-minute upgrade for all ages, and platforms (iOS, Android). They’re engineered to deliver powerful sound, which is excellent for workdays and workouts. They come with top features like Active Noise Cancelling to block out outside noise or switch to Transparency mode to stay in tune with your surroundings. With a comfortable fit, and six hours of listening time per charge, they’re great for anyone on the go. The Best Buy Blue Shirts are chock full of suggestions if you’re stumped on the perfect gadget to pick for that harder-to-shop for folks on your list too.  Shop in person or online at

Credit Karma Money Debit Card

Everyone’s thinking about their budget right now, and one way to pay for all of these cool tech gadgets is with a Credit Karma Money debit card. I first recommended this around back to school time this year, because it’s not just a traditional checking account — it actually helps you better budget and manages your day-to-day spending while encouraging better financial habits. Credit Karma Money gives you access to your money two days early, instant access to a debit card, and automated bill pay. With the Instant Karma feature, you have the chance to be randomly reimbursed instantly for everyday purchases, including those made while shopping for the holidays.  It’s also free and easy to open an account — so it’s a great gift for college students, siblings, anyone who wants to start the new year off right where finances are concerned! (Free)


You’ve heard me say this a bunch — and it’s always worth repeating: Before buying anything, start shopping by visiting The site, apps, and browser extension have over 12 million people who connect and discover the very best deals from all the top retailers so you can know if you’re actually getting the best product at the best price. They also recently added Product Shopping Pages — to see the best prices available on a hot gadget in-real-time … so you know no matter what, you’re getting the lowest price. Don’t forget to set a deal alert, so you get a notification the second something matching your criteria gets posted. (Free)

ONE by Wacom

The One by Wacom (I just found out, it’s pronounced “WAH-come,” so I’ve been saying it wrong for years) pen-tablet is another unique find for anyone who loves to sketch, draw, edit photos or write prose using digital ink. It’s compatible with PCs, MAC’s, & Chromebooks. The pressure-sensitive and battery-free pen brings a familiar, pen-on-paper feel to drawing and writing digitally. Parents especially love this as a way to free kids from the constraints of using a mouse and plug into endless digital creativity. Awesome for making other people DIY gifts too! ($54.95 (price at the time of publishing, normally just under $70) BUY IT HERE


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