Toddy Gear makes some of our favorite microfiber cloths. They are fuzzy on one side, smooth on the other, and adorned with beautiful images.  A microfiber cloth is an essential smart-phone accessory because touch screens get filthy with fingerprints, makeup, and all manner of other yick. A microfiber cloth is a quick remedy.

[Check out our Dos and Don’ts on cleaning your gadgets.]

Toddy Gear also makes phone cases, power banks, and cables. And –best part! — any of them can be adorned with a design of your own. If you have a small business, this would be a great promo. Need a gift? Also awesome. How many times a day do people plug in, charge, and wipe their smart phone? And — every time – they will think of you.

We got you a deal on whatever Toddy Gear grabs your accessorizing fancy.

Go to Toddy Gear, design the gear your want – for a gift, for your business, for yourself – and enter the code JULY15 to get 15 percent off the price.


[corrected on 7/18/2017.]