That keychain in your pocket probably seems like the least techish thing you have on your person. Welcome to the year 2017, where there is an app that can make that dumb key smart.

If you are someone who loses keys, this could be life changing. Take a picture of your keys with the Keyme app before you lose them. Or have a copy made at one  of the Keyme kiosks. Need new keys? Tap the app to order them, delivered to your house. Locked out? Go get a new key from the kiosk.

You can even replace – or copy — that expensive key fob for your car at one of these kiosks. It’s cheaper than going to the dealer. You go to a kiosk, type in the make model of your car at a kiosk and hold the key fob up to the reader. KeyMe makes a copy and mails it to you for about half what your dealer charges.

I haven’t tried any of this because there are no kiosks near where I live. But I got you a deal so you can take if for a spin.

Use the code TECH-ISH (it is case sensitive) to get 20% off all Kiosk Scan Mail Orders (any complicated keys and vehicle keys that have to be mail ordered from the kiosk). This code expires next Friday, though, so don’t procrastinate!