They might have taken a few years to really catch on, but it’s clear that smartwatches are here to stay. Apple’s Apple Watch is the leader of the pack, and with a couple of big upgrades under its belt it’s easily the most capable wearable around.

The great news is that Apple Watches aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be, and you don’t need to drop half a grand just for the privilege of owning one. There’s all kinds of awesome Apple Watch deals going on right now, so check these out if you’re looking for a new companion for your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 1

The most affordable Apple watch around is a bargain no matter where you look.

Apple: $249

Amazon: $199 – $243

Best Buy (Refurbished): $224.99

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple doesn’t make the Series 2 anymore, but it’s still a great wearable, and you can find new and refurbished ones without much trouble.

Apple (Refurbished): $469

Amazon: $314.99

Best Buy: $479 – $579

Apple Watch Series 3

Series 3 is the best of the best, with built-in GPS or even GPS + Cellular connectivity for a truly phone-free experience. Of course, it also has the widest range of prices.

Apple: $329 and up

Amazon: $319 and up