apple ipods pro 2 2022

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of yet another Pro model getting an upgrade, and this one lives in your ears. The second generation AirPods Pro is finally here to give you all your favorite songs on the go for $249. 

Inside the familiar-looking Pro pods, you’ll find a new version of Apple’s H2 chip, Apple’s in-house audio processor. The buds look the same as the first generation but also pack more advanced sensors and a slightly tweaked design. Likewise, the charging case has slimmed down a bit, making it even easier to toss the high-end audio gadgets in your pocket and forget about them until you need them.

I could hear a difference in “detail and clarity” and better noise blocking with the new Pods compared to the first generation. Apple also added new touch sensors in the stems that let you adjust volume with a swipe. The AirPods Pro case also comes with an upgrade — you can play an alert tone through a speaker when you lose it — which I do several times a day. You can also get your case engraved, including with your own tiny “memoji” likeness. Sweet!

These are available September 23rd.