Is your dad still carrying around a flip-phone and a checkbook? Is the grad in your life sporting a selfie stick (SO last year…)? Here are some awesome gadgets and amazing apps to upgrade dads and grads for good!

1. Cash is still king, especially for grads

Replace that check they might lose and gift cards they might not ever use with Square CashIt’s incredibly simple: download the app and sign up – takes all of about one minute – then just use dads or grads email address to send whatever amount of money you want. The app makes it super simple to pay for dads dinner or round of golf – split a group bill, pay someone back for concert tickets or replenish a college students emergency reserve. They can even use Apple Pay to spend money they keep in the app. Doesn’t get much more simple than that!

2. Help dad make the house smarter

Replace that old thermostat and door lock he installed when you were 10 years old, using the Honeywell Lyric Gateway ($199.99) smart home hub and security system. It’s perfect for apartments or family homes, since it doesn’t require hard installation. In addition to being the center of security for your home and family, the Lyric Gateway can act as a smart home hub by controlling lights, thermostats, locks, window shades and more. Dads and grads can access the Lyric Gateway on their mobile phones; view live video and receive real-time alerts to keep on top of your home’s security, regardless of where they happen to be.

3. Replace those beat up rewards cards and clipped-out coupons

The Dosh App finds cash back just about everywhere, and you don’t have to do a single thing except rake it in. The money finds you! It’s a brand new app, and all that a dad or grad has to do is download it, connect a bank card, and shop or travel like normal while they rack up the cash! It’s ideal for a dad who travels a lot for work or a grad who’s pinching pennies. To find you cash, Dosh scans millions of cash back offers from more than 100,000 merchants, like Forever 21, HomeDepot, Marriott, Hyatt and applies it the minute you swipe your card. It has the best deals in travel, plus substantial cash back offers on all major hotel brands and car rental companies, you name it. Dosh also uses bank-level, encrypted security. It doesn’t collect or store any personal data.

4. Rescue the photos that are stuck on their smartphone

Prynt Pocket ($149Sure – your grad’s a photo nut but I bet she’s never printed a video before. The Prynt Pocket is an awesome little photo printer that has a secret power. It turns your iPhone into an instant camera, and prints images anytime, anywhere. But what’s really cool is that it uses augmented reality, so if you hover the Prynt app over the photos, the images come to life, turning into animated videos like magic. It prints videos from Facebook, Instagram, Apple Live Photos, and more.  

5. Replace that geeky Tour d’France bicycling cap

Is dad or grad a wannabe cyclist? Hook them up with the Lumos smart bike helmet ($179.99) – first smart bike helmet that beautifully integrates lights, hard brake, turn signals, and helmet into a single cohesive whole device. Lights on the back of the helmet automatically go bright solid red whenever you slow down, letting everyone behind you know that you’re stopping. And if you are turning, a simple press of a button on your handlebar, connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to the helmet, starts the left or right side of the helmet flashing with orange lights. One charge lasts as long as a week.

6. Good hygiene is the gift that keeps on giving

This is a funny gift for a grad or a dad – with a practical twist. Flosstime ($29.99) is an automatic dental floss dispenser that attaches to your bathroom mirror and reminds you using LED lights to floss every day. It’s not for people who need a motor to spit out floss. It’s more like an alarm clock that helps you build a healthy habit. It holds about 3.5 months of floss (50 meters of floss at a time), runs off of AA batteries, and it’s incredibly easy to setup and use. You literally just flip the power switch, stick it on your mirror with the included microsuction tape, and press the button on the front when you’re ready to floss. It lights up blue 22 hours after your last flossing session, without fail, and the lights turn red and form a frowny face if you miss one. (It’s angry!)

7. Replace that aging selfie stick with something better

This AirSelfie Drone ($319) is a total riot. This tiny drone sleeps in your pocket, but when it’s time to snap a great photo, just send it skyward and watch as it shoots your photos and sends them straight to your smartphone via its own WiFi network. Sports a 5-megapixel video camera with self-generated Wi-Fi — that can fly up to 60-feet – snapping shots and capturing video from any angle. Flying time is a mere  three minutes though, so don’t mess around, get your shot and go. You can also get the case that doubles as a charger though,  so you can get airborne again fairly fast. Works indoors and out.