Mother’s Day is May 9th this year.

I am a mom, and I love gadgets. Every mom I know not only likes gadgets, but relies on them every single day to keep her informed, connected, and entertained — not to mention sane! Here are a few of our favorite things for the big day and beyond!


Tribute Video Montage

Tribute is a service that helps you create a video montage with everyone in your family sharing their love, admiration, and respect for mom. It simplifies the collaborative process — no need to track down family members for their videos, request different file formats, or email reminders. Just choose the occasion and set a date for clip submission. You can use their suite of tools to email family, collect videos and edit yourself, or let their concierge service handle the entire process for you. Either way, Tribute will give you more than just a video; you’ll get a lasting memory too. There’s also the option to send a special 7″ video card of your clips if you want a physical gift for less tech-savvy family members. Purchase: Starting at $25 at

ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga

Gift Her a Slick Smart Phone

This iRobot that Cleans the House

Your mom doesn’t want a robot vacuum because she loves cleaning — she wants one because she loves a clean house! 

Get her this top-of-the-line iRobot Braava Jet M6, which combines a powerful sweeper and mop in one super-smart device. The Braava Jet can clean up everything from crumbs to grease with ease, thanks to its precision jet spray and its “Maximized Edge Design,” which helps it get into corners and under furniture.

The robot mop learns and adapts to your space, so it knows where to clean and when to do it.  Simply attach a mopping or sweeping pad and the robot automatically takes it from there. It automatically returns to its charging dock when the job is done. Mom can monitor everything from an app on her phone.  Purchase: $449 at iRobot.

A Covid-Killing Air Purifier

Here’s another one of my new favorite gadgets: The airKAVE Portable Covid-killing portable antiviral air sanitizer. Its creator says it’s been proven to kill airborne SARS-COV-2 — the virus that causes Covid-19, along with all kinds of other nasties like the flu and E.coli. This all happens in real-time within the device via micro-lightning, plasma tech. There are no filters to replace, it’s safe for the home and it’s small enough to take with you into the car, a restaurant, or anywhere you go, really. It cleans a 100-foot radius of air around it and you can connect two devices together to clean a larger space. Just stay within that radius and breathe easily. Purchase: $349 for one; $599 for two at airKave.

The Millo Blender of the Future

If your mom loves smoothies — and who doesn’t — she will love the way this beautiful millo blender  takes the cumbersome process of making them and cleaning up after making them into a futuristic and elegant process with no mess. She can set the texture of her blender with an app on her phone and the thing is so quiet —  due to the magnetic air drive — that she will not have to shout while blending. It’s also small enough to tuck away so her counters are clear when she isn’t blending. Purchase: €479 (coming to the US soon) at millo.

Your mom is going to go crazy with art projects, labels, custom phone bling, and more when she gets her hands on the Cricut Joy ($149.99). So be warned! This will take her nascent labeling efforts — your clothes for summer camp and your school lunch box to new levels. The labels will be off the chain! This tiny computer-design cutter “prints” the cuts she designs out of vinyl, paper, iron-on, card stock, and more. It’s tiny enough to pack into a cubby and easy to pull out and connect to her computer or phone via Bluetooth. Purchase: $149.99 at Amazon.

This Complete Rise Garden She Can Grow in the Kitchen

The Rise self-contained indoor garden can grow enough fresh vegetables — right in the kitchen — for mom to survive any apocalypse. It connects to a mobile app that alerts you if it needs anything. But it is, except when it asks for water, nutrients, or for a light adjustment, it is completely self-sufficient. Just pick and eat. It can grow everything from leafy greens to vining crops like tomatoes and peppers — even strawberries and microgreens — without soil or sunlight. It comes in a range of sizes from a small personal one to one that’s capable of feeding an entire family. Purchase:   Starting at $279 at Rise Gardens.

An Inflatable Paddle Board She Can Take Anywhere

If your mom loves nothing more than to get on the water, get some exercise, and have fun–preferably all at the same time — here’s a SUP board ($349.99) she can carry herself and fit in her car, even if she and her car are both tiny. This cute, sturdy, stand-up paddleboard weighs only 17 pounds when fully inflated. When it’s deflated you can roll it up and toss it into the back seat. It has its own carry bag and is stable and fun on the water. Purchase: $349.99 at Retrospec.


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