According to a handful of Mother’s Day surveys and polls, most moms want one gift over all others this year: More sleep. That’s right, give us one night of completely, totally, blissfully uninterrupted sleep, and you’ll win child (or husband, or BFF) of the year. Even those of us Moms with older kids (mine is 17) aren’t getting nearly enough, according to a study presented at 2017’s American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting in Boston.

Best tech hack to help Mom get the peace and quiet she craves? Download the HotelTonight app (free, iOS and Android). It gives you access to fantastic deals, super low rates, and awesome experiences in more than 1,700 cities and 35 countries. Use it to surprise her with a staycation, romantic getaway, or just one night all to herself. I use this app at least a dozen times a year — pretty much every time I travel — and I absolutely love it.


If you want to add-on, use the Soothe (free, iOS and Android) or Zeel (free, iOS and Android) apps to turn her hotel room into a mini-spa experience. Download the app, sign up, and pick a time for a massage therapist — all licensed and thoroughly vetted — to show up at her door.


Next on the “what moms want most list” is to feel appreciated. The National Retail Federation (NRF) says that Americans will spend about just over 23 billion dollars on Moms this year, at an average of $180 per person. But if you procrastinate, you could end up spending a whole lot more.


I happen to be a world-class do-it-last-minute-er, and two websites save me every year around this time. I get the classic gift of gorgeous flowers for my mom from The carefully crafted bouquets are fresh, unique, smell amazing, and are hand-delivered by the very florist who put them together for her. The best part? You can order them right up until the day before — to get them delivered on Mother’s Day (which is Sunday, May 13th).


While you’re in that easy online gifting groove — type in and order up something mouthwateringly marvelous from Shari’s Berries too. I still remember the exact moment a box of gigantic gourmet dipped strawberries arrived for me at my office back in 2011. It was a surprise Mother’s Day gift that has since become an annual tradition. Special for this year is a new array of decadent dipped berries with chocolate chips and pink shimmer sugar. Yum!


Moms definitely want new tech tools too. The Consumer Technology Associations (CTA) latest report shows 93% of moms would love to get a new gadget this year — bonus points if it makes her life easier or fixes a common problem.


For that, the small but mighty 128GB Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive is the perfect companion for busy moms who rely on their iPhone to capture all of life’s moments. It plugs right into an iPhone or iPad and automatically backs up an epic amount of information: Three million documents, 50 thousand photos, 18 thousand videos, or two years of continuous music. It’s the easiest way I’ve run across to free up space on, automatically back up my camera roll, and seamlessly transfer coveted content from one gadget to another.

On my own Facebook page, where I unscientifically poll thousands of my other mom-friends every year, one gadget rose above the rest as the most-wanted this Mother’s Day: The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. At the cost of $399, it has to be pure magic for me to like it. And guess what? It totally is. It makes about half the amount of noise as any other hair-dryer that I’ve used, it dries my hair much quicker and seems to do less damage to my hair too. The attachments that come with it are magnetic, which is an added bonus.

According to the CTA report, 76% of moms they surveyed are interested in receiving “emerging tech,” as a gift this year. For that, a new wearable dreamed up at MIT is the perfect fit. It’s called the Embr Wave, and it’s literally a personal thermostat that she wears on her wrist. With a tap to the top right or left of the little gadget, she can create a warm or cold burst against the sensitive skin on the inside of her wrist that triggers her whole body to feel more comfortable. It works just like how holding a hot mug can warm you up, or dipping your toes in cold water cools you down.


When all else fails, something heartfelt and homemade is always a big win. Just make sure to let Mom know that you love and appreciate her. And give her a few hours “off” this year. Happy Mother’s Day!