You’ve heard by now that your smartphone is seven times dirtier than your toilet – and riddled with about 17,000 different types types of bacteria — right? I use two specific gadgets to keep my go-to tech tools pristine. 
The HÄNS Swipe-Clean ($15) comes pre-loaded with tech-friendly cleaning solution, so you can just wipe down your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets with cleaner, and then flip the HÄNS over and use the other end to dry and polish. It takes mere seconds but leaves everything squeaky clean.
To go even further, I use the PhoneSoap Go (around $80), a portable, battery-powered UV sanitizer that bathes your smartphone in ultraviolet light that eliminates 99.99% of household germs in 10 minutes. Stick your phone in the PhoneSoap box and the wavelengths of the UV light break down and destroy germs like E. Coli, Salmonella, Influenza, and even the Rhinovirus, which is responsible for the common cold.
Of course, you don’t have to buy anything to clean your gadgets. Our favorite DIY method is to use fill a spray bottle with the diluted alcohol, and then lightly moisten a lint-free, preferably microfiber, cloth (no paper towels).  Gently wipe down your gadgets, touchscreens, etc. I use a toothpick with the microfiber cloth wrapped around the end of it, lightly dampened by the same solution on my keyboard, while my laptop is unplugged and turned off. Never spray directly onto the device. Same goes for ports.