This is quite possibly the coolest beauty gadget I’ve ever seen. It’s P&G Ventures Opte device.

It’s like an inkjet makeup printer for your skin. It uses a tiny HD camera with blue LED lights to help it hunt down tiny dark spots that your human eye might miss. Once it finds a blemish, scar, whatever you want to cover, the Opte uses 120 thermal inkjet nozzles to dispense a precise amount of tinted serum with mineral pigments — to instantly camouflage imperfections.

The idea is that instead of smearing makeup all over your face, you’re using next-gen technology to put a precise, targeted amount of product only where your skin needs it.

Of course, there’s a high price to pay for this kind of beauty gadget. The Opte will cost nearly $600 dollars when it comes out this summer, and the little prefilled cartridges of makeup, moisturizer and serum cost around $100 each. Seriously though, I already signed up for one. Because it’s that amazing.