It has been a long, long year. The doom scrolling, the isolation, the election madness, and the fear have been brutal. But the end of 2020 is in sight. Maybe next year won’t be such an apocalypse? Maybe 2021 will be all kittens, hope scrolling, and sunshine? We can only hope. What we can do is try every possible mood booster available to order online. And, while you’re at it, load the holiday gift basket with gear that will help your friends and family go into 2021 in a good mood?

I rounded up some fun, functional, mood boosters you can order on Amazon. Nothing here will break the bank. But it will improve the mood. Prices on these gadgets are subject to change, this is what they were at the time of publication. 

Change the Scent, Change the Mood

A quick way to change your mood for the better – is to change the way your rooms smell. A smart essential oil diffuser lets you do that right from the couch. Just pick up your phone and turn on the scent.

The Asakuki (25.99) diffuser is also a humidifier, with a large tank that will last all night. So you can feed the air with a bit of moisture at the same time. Even better than picking up your phone? Just get that helpful artificial intelligence you have (Google Home or Amazon Alexa) to do it for you. “Alexa! I need a mood boost!”

The Moodo (119.90) lets you mix your own custom mood scents right from your phone or by asking Alexa or Siri, or your Google assistant to mix something up. You just drop fragrance capsules into the rechargeable base and choose scent combinations on your phone.  

Mood Lighting

Mood lighting! It’s a thing! And you don’t have to go around the house lighting candles and turning on lamps to get it. Just replace your lightbulbs with this Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 LED Smart Bulb (49.97) and choose the color you want, right from your phone. Want some white light for productivity? A purple party light? Calming amber light to wind down at the end of the day? All you do is screw in the lightbulb, connect it to your phone and Amazon Echo, and you can dial up 16 million colors from your phone or ask Alexa for a change.

Turn the Throne into a Mood and Hygiene Boost

If you enjoy feeling as if you just stepped out of the shower, you can get that feeling – as well as some very pleasant on-throne sensations – every time you visit the bathroom. Deluxe bidets are a European luxury. But during the TP shortages of 2020, bidets became an American staple. They get you clean in a way that dry paper never will. Some are very basic. But this Brondell Swash (349.99) one is fancy. It heats the water to the perfect temperature before gently spraying your nether regions. The seat is heated. A gentle blow dryer leaves you dry. It washes both front and back. And it lights up the bowl with a blue light. It’s controlled via remote and you can program it with two personalized settings. Not only will you never worry about toilet paper again, you’ll go to the bathroom just for relaxation.

Give Yourself a Little Love

Tense? Stressed? You need to relax! And there is nothing that will get you chill and calm faster than a massager on your tense muscles. The Luna Rechargeable Personal Wand Massager (19.99) is rechargeable, washable, and has 20 patterns and eight speeds of vibration. Relax, massage, nap, repeat. This will get you all the way to 2021 with a smile on your face. 

Have a Smoked Cocktail

Earlier in the year, back when we left the house, going to a trendy bar and enjoying a smoked cocktail was something hipsters, Gen Zs, and Boomers alike looked forward to on a Friday. Now that bars are a no-go, we have to smoke our own damn drinks. And burning a cedar plank in a house full of kids and smoke alarms is a bad plan. The Breville Smoking Gun (79.99) makes it super easy. Drop some wood chips, tea, herbs, or spices into the burn chamber and pull the trigger. It infuses your glass, drink, or food with a cold smoke flavor. Here’s a recipe for a Smoked Old Fashioned to get you started. Cheers!

Stop the Noise by Creating Your Own

Put on some headphones, queue up some rock and roll, lace up your sneakers, and go out. Walk fast. Run. Do you. But do it while listening to something you enjoy through the Soul S-FIT True Wireless Earbuds (79.99). These headphones are completely wireless, comfortable, light, easy to use, and impervious to rain or sweat. This is a serious mood changer. The battery case is included. The whole kit fits in a pocket or clips to a belt loop. It comes in six awesome colors. (This would be a great gift.)

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