Best apps of 2020

Apple is out with what it calls the best apps of the worst year 2020. Between working remotely, learning from home, and general lack of things to do during the pandemic, many of us were on our devices more than ever before. (I have strong words for whoever invented the shame-filled screen time report.)

This year also brought some apps into the limelight. Zoom became not just a household name, but a verb. Many of Apple’s top apps of the year have to do with connecting with others or keeping ourselves busy when so many activities aren’t possible.

The top iPhone app of the year was Wakeout!, an app that includes exercises for all ability levels.

Zoom has to be one of the top apps — and it is. Apple named Zoom the iPad app of the year. Like it or hate it, Zoom conference calls, happy hours, and family dinners became part of our lives in 2020.

Apple dubbed Fantastical the top app of the year for Macs. The app from Flexibits helps people stay organized through calendars and task managers.

Disney+ was the app of the year for Apple TV. Its selection of TV shows and movies, both new and old, has many flocking to the new-ish streaming service.

Apple named Endel the Apple Watch app of the year. This app offers specific sound environments designed to help you sleep, focus, or just relax.