Photo via Jhaymesisviphotography/Flickr

If you’re a parent of teen texters you’ve probably noticed that they can’t seem to go 15 minutes without grabbing their phone and tap-typing a message to one person or another. But what are they saying and, more importantly, who are they even talking to? Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular chat apps for teens, and Facebook knows it, which is why they’re working on an all-new messaging app made just for teens, and parents are going to absolutely love it.

The app is called ‘Talk,’ and it was found hidden inside the main Facebook app — companies usually develop and test stuff like this before they release it. It’s an easy-to-use chat app a lot like Messenger, but Talk has a secret that you’re going to love: parents are finally in control!

The app’s description calls it “a messaging app where you [meaning parents] fully control the contacts.” It has games and “fun masks” just like Snapchat, and since it’s built by Facebook, it uses the Facebook friends list, too. But instead of teens just gabbing with whoever they want, Talk relies on a list of friends that mom or dad have already decided on, so you know exactly who they’re spending all day chatting with. Parents can also add or remove chat friends at will, so you’ll always have the last say in the matter.

It’s a really amazing idea, and a great tool for parents to keep tabs on their kids communication habits, but when can we get our hands on it? That’s the thing — Facebook hasn’t officially announced it. It’s already built into the Facebook app, and it’s likely being tested and tweaked right now, so chances are good we’ll see it in the App Store sooner rather than later.