Here we are in late July. And for those of us who enjoy summer for its less-strict bedtimes, it is now time to think about getting back onto that tyrannical early-bird schedule required by schools. No more reading into the wee hours if you want to be up for lunch making, school commuting, and the drop off line at school. And to make that happen, at least in my house, that means becoming the warden of “Lights out!”

Smart lights make this much easier. After you have announced 15 minutes to lights out, you can let the technology take it from there. When it’s time to kill the light, tap your phone or ask you Amazon Echo or Google Home to turn them off. This is awesome for your own bedtime, too, as you can go to bed with the lights on and turn them off once you are settled, warm and safe.

I got you a deal on any single packs from Leviton’s Decora Smart lights collection. You choose if you want a smart light switch to control the entire room or a plug to control a lamp. The Wi-Fi technology lets you control the lights with nothing more than an app on your phone (or an Amazon Echo device or Google Home) and your Wi-Fi network.

Go to the Leviton site, choose a single pack of lights, and enter the code TECHSMART at checkout. You will get 25% off (single-packs only.)