Getting the kids into a back-to-school mindset can be a serious challenge for any parent. It doesn’t matter if you have a jaded high school senior who needs some high-tech help or a hyper grade-schooler that could use a helping hand, here are some stellar apps that you absolutely need to know about.

A typical school day only gets more and more hectic with each passing year, but My Study Life (iOS/Android) will help your student make sense of it all. It keeps track of assignments, due dates, tests, quizzes, and everything else that your kids need to know about the days and weeks ahead. It’s extremely easy to use and has a straightforward interface that they’ll get the hang of in no time flat.

Want to help them ace those tests? Cram Flashcards (iOS/Android) are perfect for pretty much any age. Flashcards are still one of the best ways to study, and virtual flashcards are easier to make and a whole lot less time-consuming. The app acts like a second person, so they can quiz themselves whenever they have a free moment, which is great for a last-second refresh.

Bear Writer (iOS/Mac) and Desmos Graphing Calculator (iOS/Web) are also stellar tools for older students. Bear Writer is the most hassle-free note-taking app around, and when it comes to mastering math class, the Desmos app does everything a pricey graphic calculator can do and more.

As high schoolers prepare for college, a bit of educational guidance can really make the different, so consider Coursera (iOS/Android) to help them prepare, with study guides and courses for every subject. Apple’s own iTunes University (iOS) is another great resource for higher education prep and high school study sessions.

These top-rated apps should be plenty to get you and your ambitious student(s) ready for the school year ahead.