Our story on recognizing fake news sites struck a huge nerve this week, and for good reason. There’s a lot of it going around – especially on social media sites like Facebook – where millions of people read and share it without even knowing it. When I dug around on my own Facebook, several friends have indeed shared bogus stories over the past year.

Several credible news outlets and a site called Fake News Watch have put together lists of sites “known to be untruthful, ranging from satirical websites to sites trying to pass off lies as truth.”

Here are the top known fake sites, and below thatlinks to a few of the best lists we’ve found so far:

(The top three are ones I found shared among friends on my Facebook feed. This list does not include satire or propaganda sites:)
  1. Newslo.com
  2. NaturalNews.com
  3. DCGazette.com
  4. DailyBuzzLive
  5. AmericanNews.com
  6. BigAmericanNews.com
  7. Cap News (twitter.com/capnews)
  8. ChristWire.org
  9. CivicTribune.com
  10. ClickHole.com
  11. DailyCurrant.com
  12. DCClothesLine.com
  13. DerfMagazine.com
  14. DrudgeReport.com.co
  15. DuhProgressive.com
  16. EmpireNews.com
  17. EnduringVision.com
  18. Indecision Forever (www.cc.com/indecision)
  19. MSNBC.co
  20. MSNBC.website
  21. MediaMass.net
  22. NationalReport.net
  23. NewsBiscuit.com
  24. News-Hound.com
  25. NewsMutiny.com
  26. PoliticalEars.com
  27. Private-eye.co.uk
  28. RealNewsRightNow.com
  29. RileNews.com
  30. Sprotspickle.com
  31. TheNewsNerd.com
  32. TheUsPatriot.com
  33. WitScience.org


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