how to find iphone apps

Every single day, I show someone how to find something quickly on their smartphone by tapping the built-in search bar.

It’s usually front and center, and the second you start typing the letters of the app you’re looking for – or setting you want to tweak – you get there instantly. No more “tap settings, scroll down to this and that” nonsense. This one trick alone saves so much time and sanity; it’s nuts that so few people know about it.

If you feel like you’re barely scratching the surface of what your smartphone – or other go-to gadgets can do for you – read on for a handful of super simple tech tips.

Magnifying Glass Makes Things Easier

You can use your iPhone as a magnifying glass to zoom in on objects near you. Here’s how:

  1. Settings – swipe down from the top and start typing in whatever you’re looking for
  2. MAG… there is it – Magnifier — under the Accessibility area — toggle it ON
  3. Now we’ll add it to the Control Center: Setting > Control Center > Magnifier > Tap that Green Plus sign. 
  4. Swipe down to see your Control Center 
  5. Tap that Magifying Glass and it lets it you zoom in, take a photo, and zoom in even more.

On most Android phones — you’ll need to install a Magnification Widget from your App Store.

Or — you can use it to magnify what’s on the screen — that’s easy through your Settings/Accessibility menu.

  1. Settings > Accessbility
  2. Select Visibility enhancements.
  3. Toggle on Magnifier window.
  4. Read the pop-up message instructions then tap on ‘Got it.’
  5. Using two fingers move the Magnifier Window and zoom into a particular area on your screen.

Easily Let Guests Connect To WiFi

This is the best for when you have guests and don’t want to keep telling everyone the WiFi code — plus you seem so futuristic and cool! 

On an iPhone:

  1. Go to your Shortcuts app. 
  2. Tap Gallery in the lower right corner. 
  3. You’ll see rectangular boxes with small icons at the top of your screen. Mine opens right up to Shortcuts for Accessibility, which is the one you want to tap. If you don’t see it, swipe right on those rectangles until you do. 
  4. After choosing Shortcuts for Accessibility, scroll down the list of icons, and select QR Your Wi-Fi
  5. Tap Add Shortcut
  6. Tap My Shortcuts on the lower-left side of the screen.
  7. Tap QR Your Wi-Fi in your list of shortcuts, enter your Wi-Fi name, and press Done
  8. Follow the prompts to enter your password and tap Done
  9. When the QR code appears on your screen, you can screengrab it, or tap it for more options to Share, Save your Code, AirDrop it, or more. 

On most Android phones:

  1. Make sure you’re connected to the WiFi you want to share.
  2. Tap Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi or Settings 
  3. Then Select the WIFI you want.  
  4. Tap the QR code
  5. If you don’t see this option, tap the Share button on the right. This should generate a QR code with your WiFi name and password.
  6. Take a screenshot of the QR code if you want to save it for future use. You can also regenerate it anytime.

Ditch Subscriptions You Don’t Use And Forgot About

Free app trials are tempting for a reason. “Sure,” you think to yourself, “I’ll remember to cancel this cool new photo editing app within the next week.” No, you won’t. And what’s worse is that you won’t realize you forgot for another six months. It can be hard 

On an iPhone:

  1. On iOS, go into Settings, then click your name at the top to open your Apple ID settings
  2. From here, click Subscriptions and you’ll see a list of all the apps you’re subscribed to, with the renew dates. 
  3. Tap Cancel Subscription. You might need to scroll down to find the Cancel Subscription button in RED. If there is no Cancel button or you see an expiration message in red text, the subscription is already canceled.

On most Android phones:

  1. First, open Settings, then click Google, then Manage your Google Account
  2. From here, tap Payments & Subscriptions and then select Manage Subscriptions

Chances are you’re going to find at least a couple of apps that you signed up for but either never use anymore or simply forgot to cancel. Tap on these apps and unsubscribe to save yourself some unwanted charges. 

Use Store Apps To Will Save You A Buck Or Three

This is the same on Android and iOS! When you shop at Target — or other big box retailers like Walmart or Best Buy — always download the store’s app. When you’re shopping, use the app to scan the bar code of the item you want to buy, right there on the shelf. It’s almost ALWAYS lower – sometimes hundreds of dollars lower, depending on what you’re shopping for. Take a screengrab by pressing one of the volume buttons and the power button at the same time (on iOS) — or just show the person at the checkout the online store page — and they’ll give you the lower online price!

Quick Scanning Built Right In

You don’t need a scanner or Docusign if you have an iPhone.

  1. Hold down your notes app and push “Scan Document.” 
  2. Hover your phone over the document to scan it .
  3. Select “Save” — it gets saved to your Notes.
  4. To add a signature: select the “Share” icon > scroll down and choose “Markup.” 
  5. Choose the + icon.
  6. Tap “Signature” and it lets you put it wherever you want on the document.
  7. You can add a date too with a Text Box.
  8. Tap Done then save to your iCloud file or take a screen grab and save it to your Photos. 

On most Android phones, scan a Document with Google Drive:

  1. Open the Google Drive app.
  2. In the bottom right, tap Add.
  3. Tap Scan.
  4. Take a photo of the document you’d like to scan.
  5. To save the finished document, tap Done.