((Note: I posted this to my Facebook during a plane trip recently: I would love to hear what you think!))

Does your laptop, smartphone or tablet DING, buzz, vibrate or whistle every time you get an IM, email, news alert, FB message, etc? Are there any other humans around you? If so: do us all a favor and TURN YOUR NOTIFICATIONS OFF.

I’m sitting next to someone on the plane, with my best earplugs in, and it’s still driving me crazy. It’s dinging like a front counter bell (you know those really loud ones meant to get immediate attention) every few seconds. Should I say something or just try to ignore it?

I had this with a person working with me recently too. I mentioned that it was really distracting. She said she didn’t even notice it – though I saw that it constantly broke her concentration and that she looked at her smartphone every time anything flashed/buzzed on it.

Is this a generational thing? Am I too sensitive? How would you handle this if you were in my shoes?

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