Ever had an email fail? Typos, reply-all gaffes, or accidentally sent a note about your awful boss… TO your awful boss? Now there’s a way to undo some emails — before it’s too late (on Gmail at least).

Gmail has an “Unsend” feature. It’s both on the app and the desktop version.

Here’s how it works on a desktop: First, click on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner.

unsend emails Gmail

That will bring up the “Quick settings” menu. From there, click “See all settings.”

unsend email gmail

Next, scroll down on the “Settings” page to “Undo Send.” Bingo! Change the time to 30 seconds, then scroll to the bottom of the page and save your changes.

unsend email Gmail

The next time you send an email, this bar will pop up. If you hit “Unsend” within 30 seconds, you’ll have a cushion to stop it before it does any damage!

unsend email gmail

Now for the same feature on the Gmail app. This process is just one step: The second you send an email, you’ll see the “Undo” button pop up near the bottom. Tap that and you’re in the clear!

unsend email gmail

Now you can breathe a little easier knowing you’ve got a safety net from any email faux pas!

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