Nothing like waiting till the last second, amiright?! Maybe you’re busy with work, or still haven’t found the perfect present. Or maybe you’re just a prolific procrastinator. Whatever the issue, here are a handful of apps that can help you send a super thoughtful gift right this second! You’re welcome.

Giftagram (iOS, Android)

The Giftagram app lets you send actual presents, without needing the recipient’s physical address. That’s a big help for so many of us these days who want to send something nice, but don’t have home addresses and want to keep it a surprise. Gifting categories range from birthday presents for “him,” wedding and graduation gift ideas to gift ideas for all the major gift-giving holidays like Birthdays and Christmas. Gifts include everything from home accessories to items for those with a sweet tooth. They start at $16 and inch up into the hundreds. The idea behind sending these types of gift appeals on so many levels. It’s easy and it’s personal.

Zeel (iOS, Android)

Whether it’s your BFF’s Birthday, anniversary, or just Tuesday, an in-home massage is almost always a perfect gift (hint, hint). Ordering one up — for yourself, or someone else — is crazy easy thanks the Zeel app. You tell the app where you are, what kind of massage you’d like, and when you want it, and the app finds you a certified, background-checked massage therapist and sends him or her to your home. You pay through the app and gratuity is included, so you get to stay in your Zen’d out space!

Gametime (iOS, Android)

The Gametime app helps you get the perfect seat to an awesome outing, on demand. It provides a curated list of sports, concert, theater, and other potential live entertainment/outings in your city. Once you select your event, the app looks through as many as 10,000 potential seats to offer up the best 50 best prices/seats. Once you’ve find the perfect event and the best seats, two-tap buying (even after the event starts!) gives you the speed you need to rule the last minute. After purchase, Gametime delivers tickets directly to the recipient’s phone. If plans change, no problem – sell your tickets with the push of a button. When you’re stuck with paper tickets, snap a quick photo and sell them in seconds.

Gyft (iOS, Android)

Gyft makes it easy to send e-gift cards by email, text or Facebook message, so you can show up to the party empty-handed and still give the Birthday boy/guest of honor something fabulous. Choose from more than 200 retailers (Starbucks, iTunes, Home Depot, Gap, Sports Authority… the list goes on), and send in seconds. Use the app as a virtual wallet for your own gift cards, too, so you can take them out of your bulging wallet.

Keepsake App (iOS, Android)

Everyone knows that you can slap a picture on a mug or a t-shirt and call it a gift. But if you want to send a truly beautiful keepsake that will be enjoyed for a lifetime, grab the Keepsake app. They make it easy to grab photos from your Facebook, laptop, Instagram, Dropbox or even your phone’s photo roll and transform them into beautifully framed art pieces. Digital photos often languish on our phones, but with the Keepsake app, you’ll be able to transform them into a special gift.

Drizzly (iOS, Android)

Drizzly delivers beer, wine, liquor and all the extras needed for a fun party or special occasion, within an hour. Sending a gift is just as easy as ordering something for yourself—so you never have to show up for a party empty handed again. Use the app to pay and tip the delivery guy— no cash needed. Minimum order is $20, and delivery is $5. Drizzle’s available in a growing list of cities across the United States and is even showing up in Canada, so a good time can be gifted by all.