Facebook’s taking another swipe at Snapchat with a new Messenger feature that looks an awful lot like a clone of Snapchat Stories. It’s called Messenger Day, and if you’re not already a Snapchat addict but use Facebook all the time, it could be your new obsession. Except there’s no “pretty” filter – those overlays that smooth your skin, brighten your eyes and ensure that you never have a bad hair day.

Snapchat’s got ’em, and they’re a huge hit – especially with Millennial women. How do I know? Because I work with one who’s also a major Snapchatter, and this was the very first thing she noticed. “If Facebook’s trying to get my people back from Snapchat,” she just exclaimed,  “it’ll need more than a few googley-eyes and Mardi Gras hats!” She lasted all of about two minutes on Messenger Day before heading straight back to Snapchat (with a giant pouty-lipped, wide-eyed, dewey-skin skinned sigh of relief). 

Here’s how Messenger Day works: Throughout the day, whenever you want to check in with your friends or Facebook Messenger chat buddies you can take a quick selfie or record a short video using Messenger Day. There’s funky filters and silly stickers you can add to your pic or video, too, just like Snapchat, and you can add text overlays to give your updates even more personality. The frames, filters, and effects are ranked by popularity so it’s easy to find the best of the best. 

When you post and up date to your Messenger Day it lasts for just 24 hours before it disappears forever, and your friends can see the photos and watch the videos you post there whenever they want during that timeframe. It’s not like a Facebook post, which lasts forever or until you delete it yourself, but if you really, really like a photo or video you shot with the app you can download it to your phone to keep it forever.

Will Messenger Day catch on like Snapchat Stories? It’s hard to tell right now, but it’s definitely super easy to use, and a good bit of fun, so it’s worth taking it for a spin once it hits your Facebook Messenger app in the next couple of days (if it hasn’t already). BUT – it needs to add the pretty filters – and soon!

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