Don’t worry, you’re not too late to score great gifts for everyone in your family, including yourself! Here are some more ideas:


Samsung’s cordless Jet Stick Vacuum comes in three different models, and each one has a high-performance filtration system that captures dust and allergens that normally get kicked back into the air. 

You can use it on all the different types of floors; hardwood, tile, rugs, or carpet. It has its own charging dock and is super easy to empty. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to navigate, to use on stairs, under furniture, clean high cabinets or window blinds. And you can vacuum for up to an hour straight before it needs a battery charge. These start at just under $350.

Coding is now an essential 21st-century skill, just like math and reading. For that, take a look at the iRobot Root Coding Robot. This makes learning to code feel like play, giving everyone the chance to practice coding in a simple and fun way. Using Root’s companion app, you can choose between three different levels of coding — so it grows along with your skills, and kids don’t get tired of it. 

Suggested for ages 4-and up. Normally, this runs just under $200, but it’s 50-dollars off for the next few days. 

These Lifeproof WAKE cases not only protect your new amazing smartphone from drops, spills, and slips, but now it helps protect our planet too. The WAKE case is made from 85% of plastic fished out of our Oceans. The waves on the back are a nod to that creative recycling and sustainability. And for every one you buy or gift someone, register the purchase online and they’ll donate $1 to one of the company’s non-profit partners like the Coral Reef Alliance, Oceana, or It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Starts at just under $40. 

Thanks to GameStop you can have everything Star Wars and then some!

You can feed “the Force” with this Star Wars: The Mandalorian/The Child Waffle Maker.

For those families that need a break from screen time but still want to game, for under $20 this Monopoly: Star Wars The Child is a fun find.

You can have your very own Black Series Shadow Trooper Electronic Helmetlooks cool and sort of changes your voice … for just under $100. 

The trick here is to go to — there’s so much more — like Star Wars t-shirts, Nintendo Switch, newest Playstation, and XBox consoles, games, action figures. Like seriously, everything. 

This little YubiKey 5C NFC is a small but mighty way to lockdown your cybersecurity. Think of it this way, you have keys to lock the house, car keys, keys for the office… and this is a physical key to protect your digital world. It comes with an incredibly secure form of two-factor authentication, and it’s proven to protect against common attacks. Even if the bad guys get your and username and password, a hacker still needs physical access to your YubiKey to get into your accounts. 

Use “JOLLY5” at checkout on to get $5 off!

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